Asbestos Remediation



Buildings constructed before 1974 are almost certain to have asbestos containing materials.  Airborne contamination from asbestos in buildings continues to be a significant environmental problem today.  Asbestos removal is a regulatory requirement before demolition or partial demolition, and may be practically necessary prior to renovations.  Asbestos has been found in over 3,000 products. The most common uses include fireproofing, roofing and flooring materials, textiles, electrical conduits, brake shoes and clutch materials, shingles, ceiling textures, taping compound and insulation for homes and schools.

If you are not certain that your building is free of asbestos, contact Global Green Services Group, LLC at (734) 379-2054 for a site inspection.  Our team of trained professionals will perform a comprehensive inspection to list the sources of possible asbestos contamination, collect samples to verify the presence of asbestos and advise you of the best course of action for remediation of any asbestos contamination that is confirmed.

While abatement and remediation are the most common remedies for handling asbestos issues, GGSG has developed proven and regulatory accepted techniques for stabilizing and even encapsulating isolated asbestos problem areas, without having to completely remediate all of the asbestos.  This can reduce our clients' expense without extending the project time frame.

GGSG consistently brings projects in on time, within budget and without compromising on quality or safety.  A completed project close-out is presented at the end of the project cycle, which includes: licenses, insurance certifications, daily construction reports, material safety data sheets, technician certifications and third party clearance report.  GGSG believes that “going the extra mile” is a key factor in the consistent success of our Clients.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific situation, please call us today at (734) 379-2054 to speak with one of our experts.



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