LEAD Remediation

Global Green Services Group, LLC takes removal and remediation hazards of lead-based paint waste (e.g., paint chips, dust, and sludge) very seriously.  GGSG follows strict OSHA Guidelines for worker safety and will generally manage lead-based paint debris or dust as a RCRA Hazardous Waste until it is determined that a representative waste sample meets the toxicity characteristic (D008), which allows the lead-based paint waste to be dispose of as common household garbage.

Lead Remediation

Nearly 100% of all structures built before 1940 are contaminated with some form of lead-based paint.  While lead- based paint usage was banned in residential structures in 1978, as many as twenty percent of residential structures built between 1959 and 1974 will still contain some layers of lead-based paint on walls, woodwork, siding, windows, and doors.  Since the use of lead-based paint in commercial structures has never been banned, the probability of finding lead-based paint hazards in commercial properties is quite likely assured.

The dangers of lead-based paint contamination become prevalent as it ages. As lead-based paint becomes older, it begins to chip, crack and flake.  Many of these chips and flakes become powdered into dust.  This dust settles and is then picked up on the hands and transferred to the mouth when eating, or becomes airborne and is inhaled directly into the lungs, either way causing lead poisoning. 

If you are not certain that your building is free of lead-based paint contamination, contact Global Green Services Group, LLC at (734) 379-2054 for a site inspection.  Our team of trained professionals will perform a comprehensive inspection.  While abatement and remediation are the most common remedies for handling lead-based paint issues, GGSG has developed proven and regulatory accepted techniques for stabilizing and even encapsulating isolated lead-based paint contamination problem areas, without having to completely remediate all of the lead-based paint.  This can reduce our client’s expense while expediting the project time frame.

GGSG consistently brings projects in on time, within budget and without compromising on quality or safety. GGSG believes that “going the extra mile” is a key factor in the consistent success of our Clients.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific situation, please call us today at (734) 379-2054 to speak with one of our experts. 



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